Information Technology for Digital Humanities/ 2023-24
Mario Verdicchio
1st semester Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Classes start on September 26 and end on October 31.
In the last two weeks of October Dr Martin Zeilinger will be a guest lecturer
with the following timetable:
Tuesday October 24th 9-12 in Rosate 5
Wednesday October 25th 9-12 in Salvecchio 8
Monday October 30th 13-16 in Salvecchio 5
Tuesday October 31st 9-12 in Rosate 5

Examination modality
Written test
Part A:
multiple choice with 20 questions (10 correct answers required)
Part B:
2 open questions

"Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software (2nd edition)"
Charles Petzold
Microsoft Press

"Informatica per la Comunicazione (terza edizione)"
Mario Verdicchio
Franco Angeli

"Che cos'è un Computer"
Mario Verdicchio

Course material
Lecture 01.
Lecture 02.
Lecture 03.
Lecture 04.
Lecture 05.
Lecture 06.
Lecture 07.
Lecture 08.
Link to Dr Zeilinger's material.
Office hours
Please send an email to request a meeting