eit10RTC Gargantini, Angelo Salvaneschi, Guido Scandurra, Patrizia

On the downscaling of the Jazz platform

in The 5th Italian Workshop on Eclipse Technologies (Eclipse-IT 2010) (2010) ISBN 9788890438813

We believe that students should use collaborative and project management tools similar to those they will encounter in their professional life. Moreover, we believe that Universities could promote and encourage the use of best practices supported by efficient tools by teaching students their use. IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) is a good candidate to be used as industrial tool in University courses, since it supports many best practices in a complete collaborative development environment providing planning, source code management, work item management, and build management and it has been already successfully used in industries and software houses. However, we experienced that RTC is too rich in the features it offers and this makes its adoption very expensive in terms of students and teachers time and effort. For this reason we have studied and present in this paper a simplified use of RTC which consists in reducing the concepts (at ontological level) and the features were offered to the students (at practical level).

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