TBFM 2014 will be held in conjunction with the 4th International ABZ Conference.

Scope of the Workshop

The object of this workshop is to share ideas, methods, processes, and best practices that are used to build tools supporting formal methods. Discussions may also deal with maintenance, documentation, licensing, etc. A significant challenge is how to better make these tools cooperate and share components (provers, model checkers, syntax analysers, type checkers, transformation rules, etc.). Particular relevance will be given to dogfooding experiences, in which a research group uses its own tool to design/develop/analyze the tool itself.

The topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

Journal Special Issue

An extended version of a selected number of contributions will be published in a special issue of the International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer.

Previous Editions

First edition of the workshop (TBFM 2010) was held in conjunction with the 2nd International ABZ Conference in 2010