ATGT: ASM Tests Generation Tool

ATGT is a tool for automatically generating test sequences from ASM specifications.


ATGT come in two flavours (follow the links for further information, download, documentation, examples and so on):


ATGT accepts two syntaxes:


If you want to cite ATGT, please use the paper:

Gargantini, Angelo, Riccobene, Elvinia, and Rinzivillo, Salvatore Using Spin to Generate Tests from ASM Specifications in ASM 2003 - Taormina, Italy, March 2003. Proceedings, LNCS 2589 (Eds. Boerger, Egon and Gargantini, Angelo and Riccobene, Elvinia) Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2589 (2003): 263-277 ISBN 978-3-540-00624-4 [abstract] [read the copyright and download the pdf file] [DOI] [url]


Several people have worked in this tool.


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