ictss18_asmetacpp Silvia Bonfanti, Angelo Gargantini Atif Mashkoor

Validation of code transformation from Abstract State Machine models to C++ code

in ICTSS 2018 - 30th International Conference on Testing Software and SystemsSpringer International Publishing (2018): 17--32

The automatic transformation of models to code is one of the most important cornerstones in the model-driven engineering paradigm. Starting from system models, users are able to automatically generate machine code in a seamless manner with an assurance of potential bug freeness of the generated code. Asmtocode is the tool that transforms Abstract State Machine models to C++ code. However, no validation activities have been performed in the past to guarantee the correctness of the transformation process. In this paper, we define a mechanism to test the correctness of the model-to-code transformation with respect to two main criteria: syntactical correctness and semantic correctness, which is based on the definition of conformance between the specification and the code. Using this approach, we have devised a process able to test the generated code by reusing unit tests. Coverage measures give a user the confidence that the generated code has the same behavior as specified by the ASM model.

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