eit10extgt Fraser, Gordon Gargantini, Angelo

Design and Development of an Extensible Test Generation Tool based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform

in The 5th Italian Workshop on Eclipse Technologies (Eclipse-IT 2010), 30 Sept. and Oct. 1, 2010, Savona, Italy. (2010) ISBN 9788890438813

In aspiration of automated software testing, a common task is the derivation of test cases from models. The wealth of different test criteria, model formalisms, and testing strategies makes reusability of such test generation tools a very challenging task. Leveraging the flexibility offered by the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, we present a new test generation tool that achieves reusability by abstracting from specific details of the test generation, and by matching these features with Eclipse extensions. The resulting tool allows the configuration of different backends for extracting tests from models, input languages, test strategies, and test criteria via plug-ins.

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