compass96 Gargantini, Angelo Liberati, Liliana Morzenti, Angelo Zacchetti, Cristiano

Specifying, Validating, and testing a Traffic Management System in the TRIO environment

in Proc. of COMPASS 96, 11th Annual Conference on Computer Assurance, June 1996, Gaitersburg, MaryLand, United States (1996): 65--76 ISBN 0-7803-3390-X

We report on an experience in applying a formal method to the specification and design of a system for monitoring and controlling surface vehicle traffic in a densely populated urban area. We illustrate the goals of the experience and describe the specification, validation, and verification activities. We also discuss the problems deriving from the particular, but, under several aspects, typical history of the application development, and from applying formal methods in an industrial setting. Finally, we assess the encouraging results obtained in the project.

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