Member of the UNIBG unit in European project “ESCUDO-CLOUD – Enforceable Security in the Cloud to Uphold Data Ownership” (2015-2018)

ESCUDO-CLOUD aims at empowering data owners as first class citizens of the cloud. ESCUDO-CLOUD provides effective and deployable solutions allowing data owners to maintain control over their data when relying on Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for data storage, processing, and management, without sacrificing on functionality.

ESCUDO-CLOUD provides security by wrapping the data with a protection layer; this operates with associated metadata and access methods that enable fine-grained data retrieval, access support, and selective sharing to the owner and authorised users, while protecting data and actions on them from the providers.


Member of the UNIBG unit in European project “PoSecCo – Policy Security Configuration” (2010-2013)

PoSecCo’s vision is to establish and maintain a consistent, transparent, sustainable and traceable link between high-level, business-driven security and compliance requirements on one side and low-level technical configuration settings of individual services on the other side.

Such an end-to-end link shall be maintained in operating conditions, i.e. considering constant evolution that result in changes of two kinds:

  • New or changing security and compliance requirements as a result of, for instance, new business service offerings, new customers or suppliers, changing security needs of existing customers or new legal regulations and security standards.
  • Landscape changes as a result of, for instance, ordinary administration tasks that change configuration settings or changes of application and infrastructure services in the course of purchase, in- or outsourcing decisions

PoSecCo maintains this end-to-end link by automated means where possible and offers decision support where human interaction is inevitable.